Very Bad Experience with Cloud Hosting

We are very sorry to inform that we have lost a few of our data due to disk failure.  We moved to cloud hosting service 5 months ago hoping to get reliable service. On Feb 2 we launched our new website to share and bookmark images. Now all the new data lost and was unable to recover them.  Rus Foster, MD of suggest me to see google cache, which is really ridiculous.

Very Bad Experience with Cloud Hosting 3

Here is what I learned from them about choosing a hosting service.

  1. Never trust the company who doesn’t provide a phone number.
  2. Never trust hosting company who claim 100% uptime. ( 99.9% is acceptable)
  3. If your website is user based-website, where user generate contents, do not ever choose

This is what I received on my email,

Dear Customers,

As you may be aware there was a failure on the cloud hosting platform earlier today. This appears to be linked to a filesystem issue on cloud storage. As such we have taken the decision to roll back to a backup of the cloud hosting platform that is 2 days old to allow sites to be restored.

** We aim to restore the full cloud platform, with current data, within 12-24 hours **

As a temporary measure, we have blocked incoming email to avoid any new emails getting lost. Any pending emails will be stored temporarily on backup email servers. Once the cloud platform is fully restored we will allow these emails to flow into the restored service. Whilst we do understand the importance of email we have taken this decision to make sure no email is lost or left out of sync. All other functions (website/control panels) are up and running.

We apologize for this outage and are working as quickly as possible to restore service.

Once this is restored we will be sending a full RFO (Reason for Outage) to customers, including any credits that are due under the SLA.

Should you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]