Today’s society is more online driven. This means people live their lives on the internet. From problem-solving, blogs, social media, streaming to online purchases. Simply put, it’s difficult to stay bored with the internet at your disposal.

However, the internet isn’t for personal use alone. It’s also available for businesses to explore and use for promotional activities. One of the ways businesses can get the word out is by using video marketing. In this method, you can use a video to market your products and services.

Online Video Marketing
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Marketing your products is one of the many benefits. Read on to find out why video marketing can turn your fortunes around.

1. Spark Conversations

For a new business, sparking conversations around your new business can be difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be like this with promotional videos in your marketing arsenal.

According to studies, a promotional business video can change the minds of prospects into customers or even skeptics into prospects.

Once they watch it, they get to understand what you’re all about or even start a conversation around the business which will help you get the word out.

2. Get Personal

Of course, with the content, but also on how you reach your consumers. This is where mobile phones come into play. A recent study showed that over 90% of mobile users love watching videos on their phones.

With such a huge market, you can see why having a promotional video can boost sales. In addition, YouTube viewership increases by 100% each year. This should be the icing on the cake because it means you’ll always have viewership, thus increased reach.

3. Humanize Your Brand

This is where content gets personal and not just with the text but also in the delivery. You see consumers want to know they can trust your brand. To do this, you must add a personal touch and what better way than to incorporate a human face or voice in the promotional video.

Several case studies report that 57 percent of consumers said they depend on videos to make purchases either online or at physical stores.

Consumers also say a video with a human voice or face helps them put a face to the products or services, thus igniting emotions in them. In the long run, you’ll end up gaining their trust which is essential in any business.

4. Google Will Love You

Google loves videos. This is why. If a website embeds a video, Google believes the content must be valuable to readers. As a result, you gain traction on search engines. This means you’ll get more exposure if you rank well on search engines.

In addition, videos increase the time readers take on your website. Increased exposure to content means you have great content and Google uses this as a metric to rank websites. Also, don’t forget Google owns YouTube. This in itself will give your exposure.

While videos may be great for ranking purposes, it’s important to ensure you optimize them so you can experience the full benefits. This includes using SEO titles and descriptions. Also, make sure they’re light to reduce the website’s load time.

5. Retain More Clients

This works both ways. First, by attracting new clients. People love videos since it engages them more than text. For this reason, it’s easy to attract lazy buyers considering today’s buyers want to see to believe.

Second, you can retain existing clients by churning out promotional videos to introduce new products and services. such high retention value is backed by data showing that humans remember images more than they do text.

6. Command a Social Presence

Remember, your main aim is to promote your business as best as you can. Social media is a powerful tool you can use to reach a wider audience. Studies show people are bound to share videos more than text.

With this in mind, it’s in your best interest to create a sharable video which you can place on your website. A sharable video includes emotions which engage the reader, thus leading them to share.  Don’t forget to include social sharing buttons to make it easy for the readers to share the video.

7. Edge Your Competition

While video marketing is a great marketing tool, the fact is few businesses use it as a form of marketing. One of the popular reasons why this is so is some businesses still believe it’s expensive to create one, which is false.

In fact, by using videos to market your business, you not only dust your competitors but also gives your viewers a more in-depth look at your product or service. Something they wouldn’t find in a simple blog post.

8. Get More Leads

If you don’t create a video ad for any other reason, do it for this one. Here’s why. According to research, of all digital ad formats available, video ads offer the highest CTR, standing at 1.84%. You know those video ads on YouTube before watching your preferred video?

Well, 92 percent of viewers watch the ad to the end while the skippable ads have a completion rate of 9 percent.

In Conclusion

Video marketing has tons of benefits despite the work involved in creating them. Its impact on your business cannot be underestimated.

In fact, now that you know why you must use videos as part of your marketing campaign, why not turn your blog content into a video and watch as the magic unfolds right before your eyes!