If you are a new webmaster, you might have found many free web hosting online. Many webmasters use free web hosting to test their project as well. Free web hosting usually is the shared hosting service with limitation. If you are a new blogger and want to start your blogging journey, you can choose the blogging platforms like blogspot and WordPress.com. But if you are into running a different website or a blog with more traffic and users, I do not recommend using free web hosting or free blog hosting.

Why You Should Not Use Free Web Hosting?

Free Web Hosting

If you go with a free web hosting, it’s shared web hosting, to set up your self-hosted WordPress blog or any other website online free of cost. This way, you can have your own domain running on free web hosting, own the full control over the blog, install whatever plugins and themes you like, and do anything you want with the webpage and content. The best thing for you is that do not need to pay for web hosting solution.

Limited Server resources in Free Blog Hosting

Generally, free web hosts put thousands of blogs into one web server, meaning you have limited disk and bandwidth. Your chance of growing is limited with that resource you have been provided. If you start to get over 200 – 400 unique visitors on your website or blog, you can experience the lack of resource.

Poor Performance of Free Web Hosting Service

Almost all of the free blog hosting service are shared web hosting, meaning thousands of websites hosted on one server. If there are many websites running on the single server it takes more time to load your blog. The server can be busy if multiple websites get more traffic at once.

Poor technical support of Free Blog Hosting Site

Its free, chance of getting good technical support is close to zero. You may encounter a technical problem on your blog hosting account. Once you encounter, it’s rare that your free hosting account provider gives you a good technical support.

Hidden fees in Free Web Host

This is a dirty secret behind free hosting. It does not require you to pay anything about the hosting service, but charges you something in hidden when you start using the service, such as the script setup fees and blog backup fees.

Expensive renewal fees

Getting the service for free is surely great, but many free web host offers it for one year or two. After the first year, you have to renew your account, and the renewal price may surprise you with a high rate.

You should always choose web hosting provider wisely, there are many things besides hosting you should take care of working as a webmaster. Free web hosting for your blog is only good if you are beginners and newbie webmaster to learn and test how web hosting and web server works.

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