What do you want for yourself or your family? Are you ambitious yet feel that good lives are only meant for a privileged few? Now, blogging is for you!

Reasons To Blog

Blogging - Why To Blog
Image source – Pixabay.com

1. You are short on capital

How often have people told you that one way to get out of the rat race is by owning your own business? But do you have the capital? To start a blog, you need a pc, an annual fee of $ 10 for domain leasing, and around $ 100 for hosting. I don’t think you need financing for this.

2. You don’t know what business to start

Imagine yourself as an ornamental fish enthusiast. How much do you think is needed to set up a shop catering to fish lovers? You don’t even know whether hobbyists will come to your shop, and would they spend enough to help you break even? Start a blog….about goldfish, fighting fish, etc. After a year, decide whether the niche is profitable.

3. You have only the next movie or tv show to look forward to after work

We are tired and need that relaxation after a hard day’s work. Unless you want to lead remnants of what you are capable of, start blogging while watching your favorite movies.

4. You start to feel envious of your friends who are entrepreneurs

They have lots of time at their disposal. They send their kids to school in the morning and go for a dim sum afterward. Great life, isn’t it? Don’t just settle for wishful thinking. Take action and start blogging.

5. You realize life is short

There is a saying in Cantonese. “How many ten years do you have in your lifetime?” Take action guys.

6. You can write pretty decent English

You know when to use the past tense and when to use the present tense. In addition, you have ample vocabulary in our arsenal to construct a decent sentence.

7. You enjoy seeking and building on your existing knowledge

When you blog, you want to share your knowledge with your readers. To do that, you must expand your knowledge…to a point where you start exceeding what you already know. Slowly but surely, you break the tipping point of your current efficiency.

8. You take pride in building on your effort

Building a blog business is difficult, and the process is slow. The rule of thumb is to be targetted. Again I have to repeat this. Focus on your niche and topic. Try not to sway from your niche. For example, if your blog is named ‘How To Blog, ‘don’t write about ‘How To Cook”. That isn’t good for SEO.